What You'll Learn

Screenwriting and Storyboarding

Share your story and change the world. The Institute of FILMS student writes scripts, develops storyboards, and learns the techniques of story development and screenwriting through exercises in story structure, dialogue, and character development. Gain skills as a Screenwriter and Script Supervisor.

Digital Cinematography and Lighting

Light up and zoom in to move people. The Institute of FILMS students capture the principles of the motion image process: camera, lenses, lighting, and grip theories, techniques and technologies. Create a plan for roles as Freelance Videographer, Camera Operator, and Special Effects Coordinator.

Preproduction Casting, Crew, and Budgeting

The Institute of FILMS students inspire writers, talent, and fiscal success, and are prepared to lead alongside the director and producers and various production and post-production departments. Concentrate on opportunities to be a Casting Assistant, Line Producer, and Unit Production Coordinator. Creating a focused inspirational leading approach will help you master the film business as a business.

Directing and Producing

The Institute of FILMS students focus on the director's responsibilities and the role of the producer by examining the context of theatrical film and putting it to work on more than 20 films, including a full-length feature film, all within a year. Prepare to be an Assistant Director, Film and Marketing Production Company Owner, Producer, Production Assistant and Production Coordinator. Ensuring your success and everyone else’s is the true way you can lead.

Live Film Production

You can bring F.I.L.M.S. to the world. The Institute of FILMS students master industry-standard pre-production and production techniques to produce a fiction or non-fiction film. Students will work collaboratively by fulfilling their crew positions on the production. Continue with preparing career plans to be an Assistant Director, Film and Marketing Production Company Owner, Producer, Production Assistant and Production Coordinator. Explore the roles of a Location Manager or Scout, Video Technician, Art PA, Gaffer, Grip, and Prop Master.

Editing, Film Premiere, and Demo Reel Presentations

Showcase your talent. The Institute of FILMS student concentrate on the practice of editing digital media, film shorts, and videos with an emphasis on sound design, visual effects, color correcting and finishing fiction and non-fiction projects – all leading to a film that premieres in Hollywood or Orlando, FL. Students help distribute selected films. Develop career plans to be a Film and Video Editor, Boom Operator, or Communications Specialist.

Marketing Management

Inspire and lead others with your message. The Institute of FILMS students gain marketing management skills and apply them to achieve business strategies and goals. Lead a career plan to become a Marketing Specialist/Coordinator and Account Coordinator.

Advertising Production

The Institute of FILMS students design Advertising Graphics and Productions through typography, printing, engraving, photography, screening, direct mail, exhibits, displays and packaging. Inspire yourself by exploring the roles of an Advertising Specialist and Art Director. Your images and stories can stand out in a crowd.

Motion Graphics

Moving designs are all around, meeting the needs of a busy world. The Institute of FILMS student uses techniques and mechanics to animate, with emphasis on compositing, image processing, visual style, visual continuity. Focus your style and consider a career as a Motion Graphic Designer.

Film and Marketing Distribution Exhibition and Sales

The Institute of FILMS students are prepared to see beyond their projects to produce films and marketing promotions to exhibit, distribute, and sell. Promote your plan to be a Sales Representative Business Owner, and Film and Marketing Production Company Owner. Selling your story inspires and entertains.

Web Development

Help build something people love to use. The Institute of FILMS students integrate core internet technologies to produce functional responsive websites across various platforms that rely on excellent customer service from user experiences that include usable interfaces, accessible, intuitive, and attractive designs, and algorithms. Create goals aimed at considering jobs as a User Interface/User Experience Designer and Web Designer.

Social Media/Digital Marketing and Portfolio Presentations

The Institute of FILMS students explore and master the many forms of social media for personal promotion, as an advertising medium, and for search engine optimization. Students will design and implement a Social Media Marketing Campaign for industry leaders and Marketing and Advertising Competitions. Design professional goals to consider being a Social Media Specialist and Creative Director. Presenting you at your very best.

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