Top 15 Advantages

-The Institute of F.I.L.M.S-

Learn from Emmy ® Award WINNERS! Graduate with Experience

We’re Industry Experts and Educators! Our faculty is comprised of both Emmy ® Award WINNER and NOMINEES. Your graduation day comes with a degree or diploma and real-world work experience… and who knows, maybe you’ll get an Emmy Credit of your own!

Canon Camera Workshops

Camera training to help you tell stories and build your career.

Mentor with Student Success, Film-Marketing, and Hollywood Talents

Your Student Success Mentor is waiting for you. Assigned at enrollment, your Professional Film-Marketing Mentor assists your course action plans, motivates your progress, and invests in your success through the entire program! You can also expect an Industry Mentorship during our feature production, bringing Hollywood Names to provide award winning experience

Personalized Care, Compassion and Inspiration for You

Highly Personalized classrooms where care, compassion, inspiration and guidance motivate your journey. We believe it’s all about you, not lectures.

Shatter Expectations at Universtal Studios Orlando or Hollywood, Caifornia!

Graduate portfolios feature your professionally crafted student film, and a full-length Feature Film. Every student collaborates to create and distribute a feature-length film that will premiere at Universal Studios Orlando or in Hollywood, California.

Launch a Marketing Plan for Your REAL Corporate Client!

Each F.I.L.M.S graduate will develop a Marketing Launch Plan for an existing company. Just the edge you need to stand out from the competition.

Incorporate Your Very Own Production Company

Before you graduate, you will incorporate your own Film-Marketing production company for film and marketing projects and receive entrepreneurial support to succeed.

Showcase Your Talents, Guarantee Exposure, and Cultivate Your Public Image

Students will prepare a film of their design, to be featured in a Film Festival. Showcasing your talents, guaranteeing exposure and cultivating your public image.

Graduate In 11 Months So You Can Land Your Dream Job In Less Than a Year!

While other programs may take years, our focused program will prepare you in 11 months. In less than a year you will have industry experience in: complete production, distribution, organizing a film premiere, advertising, sales, social media, motion graphics, and web development.

Preparation for Renowned Certifications

Included in your tuition, preparation for renowned certifications through Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania as part of edX, Adobe Creative, Blackmagic, Final Cut Pro, plus other platforms, provides opportunities and options in editing, graphics, digital marketing, film, strategic business, and many others

World Famous MasterClass Inspirational Wisdom with Deep Dives Guided by Our Instructors

MasterClass subscriptions are provided to each student. Our Industry Professional Instructors will guide your deep dive, following in the footsteps and lessons learned from Academy Award/Oscar, Emmy, Directors, Producers, Writers Guild winners, CEOs and Founders of Starbucks, Spanx, Disney, and more, including Martin Scorsese, Natalie Portman, Judd Apatow, and Samuel L. Jackson.

Highly Interactive Classrooms to Simulate an Advanced Working Production Studio

Highly interactive classrooms simulate an advanced working production studio. You will work together on inspiring teams and weekly projects in a real-world film and marketing environment. Lectures are boring. We don't do boring.

Be Part of a Feature Film Production

During our Feature Film production, travel options are offered to you so we can collaborate in a face-to-face production environment. Students also can apply to lead the production in the following roles: student producer, director, cinematographer, production designer, or other crew member and/or be part of a marketing campaign with on-site portfolio presentations.

Life-Time Access to Course Materials

Complementary, Life-Time access to course material in your program after graduation. As the industry changes, The Institute of F.I.L.M.S. provides full access to updated educational materials.

Make a Lasting Impact on the Lives of Others

During the program, you work on an Inspirational Film, highlighting community and social causes. Making a lasting impact on the lives of others.

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